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Presence Under Pressure for Musicians

Understanding the mind-body issues

  • Nature and nurture. Genome and its expression over time.
  • Neuroplasticity: thinking and experience physically change the brain. This process can be self-directed, change beyond memory is possible. (evidence from Stroke, brain injury, training.)
  • Perception and limits on focus, attention and concentration. The brain’s perceptual bandwidth
  • Types of memory: explicit memory, implicit (procedural) memory.
  • Flight/Flight/Freeze response. Startle response. Autonomic nervous system.
  • Cultural conditioning, mental-maps, habits of perception, patterns of thought, the unconscious as a factor.
Event Preparation

  • How to practice.
  • Self awareness, self assessment and guided learning with teachers
  • expectations, being in the present.
  • Activation levels when performing
  • Practical organization skills, time management, practice recitals, audio and video recording.
Life Orientation

  • Physical care: brain and body, diet, exercise, sleep
  • Mental health: meditation, mindfulness , cognitive behavior therapy, attitude.
  • Reframing flight/fight/freeze, understanding its advantages.
  • Family support, life goals, relationship with self.
  • Mind-maps, prejudice perverts perception and non-habitual perception.