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Don Sipe is available to speak on the following topics:

Presence Under Pressure Being Your Best No Matter What

Presence under Pressure is to be able to think and act in real time under challenging circumstances. Learn how to manage the pressure and maintain the presence to perform optimally.


1) for business professionals.
2) for musicians and performing artists.

For business professionals, the 'know-how' and deep domain knowledge from the world of music performance is translated into the world of business. The training includes a) how to practice, b) how to deal with performance anxiety, and c) how to continually improve your key skills.

For musicians and performing artists, the session reviews the current neuroscience and psychology-based solutions to various aspects of performance. The goal is to develop strategies that allow for better performance and more comfortable (relatively speaking) performance. Details here.

He is available for one-to-one coachings, as well as workshops for groups.

A book list from a recent workshop: Performance Anxiety Workshop

Innovation Artistry: The Continuous Practice of Creative Transformation

Artists of all genres have daily “practices” which power the creative process. They develop virtuosity in both technique and their ability to create innovative content.

The myriad “practices” of artists have long been seen as mystical or unattainable without the gift of a “talent.” IA demystifies the path to innovation, virtuosity, and creative transformation. We demonstrate the value of incorporating these practices into the business environment. Participants experience the potential of the Continuous Practice in transforming people and their businesses.