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For musicians, I have an outline on this site of my Presence Under Pressure for Musicians: An Music Performance Anxiety Workshop.
"In both my performing and teaching I have found that preparing for a performance involves more than practicing the trumpet. There are a myriad of methods and concepts surrounding performance anxiety, many of them stemming from work in the field of sports psychology.

Over the last decade there have been major strides in neuroscience, leading to a better understanding of how the mind/body functions in pressure situations.

My recent research combines the most useful aspects of neuroscience and psychology with the deep knowledge of the professional music world - creating a synthesis of sorts that will be useful not only to musicians but anyone who wishes to perform better under pressure.

In my speaking, workshops and especially my continued teaching and coaching I hope to help people learn how to 'prepare, master and perform' whatever skills they need to be successful - on stage and in life"

---Don Sipe

Don Sipe is a professional musician, educator and entrepreneur.

As a trumpeter, he is a member of the Present Music, the Isthmus Brass, and Stained Glass Brass. He teaches and coaches at the Milwaukee Youth Symphony, and through the Milwaukee Symphony's ACE program.

Through his company Omicron Artist Management, Inc. he manages the career of conductor William Eddins. He also manages the Wilson Center Guitar Competition & Festival.

He also co-founded Innovation Artistry, a consulting company that helps organizations with People Performance; including leadership and teamwork skills and non-habitual thinking.
"Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education and children should be taught music before all else"
- PLATO 352 BC

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